Why schools groups:

A decreasing number of secondary schools have Christian groups in them. The freedoms of religion and speech exist for a reason. Our nation is build solidly upon Christian values. Christians face increasing social discrimination and pressure. Christian youth should not have to deny their faiths to be accepted. That is not tolerance.

The core resource:

We are creating a core of 10 leadership-training video-tutorials on how to run an effective group in a secondary school. Watch out for this soon.

The suggested ethos for school groups:

We suggest that groups are

(i) student led, while being adult encouraged — and with a very simply approach to programming, and

(ii) that the focus be 90% to bless the school, and only 10% about the Christian message — because our message and words need to match.

The suggested approach:

(i) Partner — with other students of like mind

(ii) Pray about what you could do,

(iii) Plan what you’re doing to do,

(iv) Do it.


Below are some ideas.  We also note the 101 ideas for school groups magazine from ‘New Generation’ found HERE(or a similar version of the same here). Many of the below ideas originated from the ‘New Generation’ movement overseas.

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