#hopestory challenge

This idea is INTERNATIONAL – and has resulted in MANY MILLIONS of videos viewed.

> See details, and a video explains it – and examples of stories… … at hopestorychallenge.com

The reach on social media even just in NZ can be HUGE if 50 or more do this (and then 100, and then…)!



Continuing from 2021 – current. We will send a $25 KFC voucher (or equivalent) to the first person from each city or town to post a #hopestory. Send us the link!



Step 1. Shoot a 60 second video on your phone of your testimony / story of hope

  • 1- My life before Jesus
  • 2- How I Met Jesus
  • 3-My Life with Jesus
  •     End with an invitation to follow Jesus.
  •     (1min is about 160 words – if written in full on paper first)


Step 2. Upload & share the video to your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc.)

  • Send it to your friends.
  • Remember to tag the story #HopeStory and #bestdayofmylife (PLUS a hash tag of what God saved you from eg. #suicide #addiction #insecurity)

Step 3. Tag & nominate 5 friends to do the same to help fuel a viral explosion of hope stories online!



  • This could be the first outreaching experience for many youth
  • Their example will inspire others
  • Their non-Church friends will be encouraged when they see the video
  • … and this WILL catalyse other things!

This is as simple as it gets – and creates a great opportunity!