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Regional Representatives

Godtalk Regional Reps exist to promote the two Godtalk goals (see homepage or below) to youth leaders within their city/town, and or province. This includes:

(1) facilitating or supporting the networking of youth leaders – so they can work together and encourage one another.

(2) Promoting intentionality in equipping youth to reach youth, and with the school context in view (the two goals referred to above)

(3) Facilitating by some means a regional Godtalk Talent Quest – which gives esteem to the two goals, while encouraging the use of creative and cultural arts in communicating Christian messages (and in a manner suiting the public square / appropriate for schools) – while also providing an annual combined youth group outreach event in which it is the local YOUTH who are on the stage!

(4) (Godtalk Regional Reps ideally attend 6 of the 8 annual online  Regional Reps meetings).

Goal #1: 

Outreach equipping in every youth ministry, every year

— The equipping videos (with discussion guides) at are created to help this be easily achieved.

Goal #2:

Those youth encouraged to pray together at school about how they might best represent Christ

— The school groups videos (yet to be created) and ideas page at can help new groups to clarify their vision and approach, while linking them to a range of ideas and stories that can help (subscriber for monthly updates at the bottom of the homepage)

A network:

Through networking, everyone is enbled to be more effective

— The Godtalk network will become a platform across which vision ideas, stories, tools and practical help will come. Key items from a Godtalk Talent Quest in New Plymouth could travel to support the first Wanganui event. Stories of successful school event ideas could be recorded on video – and shared through the network. Etc.

For more information contact Raki or Dave or any other team member at

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