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Regional Reps, National Reps – and networking

Godtalk Reps exist to help youth leaders network locally – with the following in mind:

(1) Facilitating and supporting the networking of youth leaders in each place – so they can work together where they are

(2) Promoting intentionality in equipping youth to reach youth – and school groups

(3) Helping facilitate outreach event ideas that could happen in numerous place (sometimes simply by connecting people together, so they do something together). We think the Godtalk Talent Quest idea will take off soon too! (

(4) Regional Reps attend about 8 online meetings annually to share ideas – so everyone wins!

We pray these three revelations will be caught by every church (including youth) leader

We can change the face of NZ youth ministry TOGETHER

Unity brings strength. Networks have broken down – so they need rebuilding. National networks bring insufficient ‘force of impact’ to make local youth groups strong. Local youth groups therefore need to network and unite. The vision for any youth leader not to only grow a youth group – but to see the youth of their entire city or town being reached and encouraged. This requires unity – and when this vision is embraced TOGETHER it opens up a whole different set of possibilities!

YOUTH can outreach by themselves – if we release them with vision and support

Dave tells the story of an effort he was involved with that got student-led group going in 90% of the schools in a city of 4 million people – without any group existing ‘officially’. They were all student led. They prayed. They asked God for ideas – and they did what they felt led to do. Hundreds came to faith in the youth ministries that worked together in this. We shouldn’t just entertain youth (we can’t compete there), nor treat them like children as if they weren’t intelligent and capable of actually achieving some amazing things!

Absolute COMMITMENT to see and serve the city – not just one group, unlocks a door

This is what we suggest is most-missing is leadership at the city level: The combination of vision for the bigger picture we are all a subset of – combined with COMMITMENT. Youth ministry is REALLY HARD WORK. If our goal is only to run our own group then the vision is too small, and important things like school groups and united outreaching events will get overlooked. But if we don’t really believe the call and favour of God is with us to impact youth of the whole city or town, we won’t attempt all these things in the first place! Amazing things are possible together that are not possible alone – and God is with us to see amazing things taking place!

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