The best approach for a bunch of Christian youth in their school is as follows:

  1. Unite together
  2. Pray
  3. Do whatever it is that you think God would have you do.

It doesn’t get simpler than this – and to make the point, it also doesn’t get better.

The key is releasing YOURSELF to serve with vision.

  • Uniting to pray every week with other Christians at your school is really the only possible foundation for doing this!


However, hearing a few ideas can help…

…and for this reason we’ve created a PDF of one of the  ‘101 ideas magazine’ from ‘New Generation’ to share with you.

New Generation are a Christian school groups movement based out of Sweden, primarily now working in Eastern Europe from what we can see.

  • Prior publications have aged-out and have gone off line – but these are so good we didn’t want new leaders in school groups to miss out.


So here – to preserve a resource for you – is one of their ‘101 ideas’ magazines for school groups – with all credits to ‘New Generation’ in Sweden.

  • Download it
  • Print it
  • Be inspired!