From Raki Wiringi – Godtalk


Easter is a great opportunity. Here is a list of ideas you may consider as an outreach this Easter season – with a hidden coded message amongst them.

  1. Throw an easter egg hunt at your church (Great)
  2. Invite a friend to it (Best)
  3. Throw a BBQ at your church the day before Easter (Good)
  4. Invite a friend to it (Best…again)
  5. Rent some llamas and have a petting zoo (not bad, but not great)
  6. Invite a friend to it (Still the best)
  7. Blindly copy what really big churches are doing and hope for the best (horrible idea)
  8. Invite a friend to it (See what I’m doing?)
  9. Cross your fingers and hope someone else invites your friends (Not even going to comment on this one)
  10. Invite a friend (Will always be the best outreach idea for any day of the year)

Stats continue to reveal that by far most people who come to faith do so before the age of 20.

Stats also show they were usually encouraged toward faith by a friend!

What could you do?  Remember – it makes a difference!