(Since writing this blog we have created a Godtalk Talent Quest Programme Planning Manual. It can be downloaded here – while the below still explains the vision concisely).

American Idol. Britains Got Talent. Talent quest are a big deal right now!

Would it be possible to get regional ‘Godtalk Regional Creative Communication Competitions’ happening? In short…

  • A key larger church in your province to sponsor (host) the event is needed – so good lights and sound system are available for free (keeps the dollars simple)
  • Then 10 to 40 or more youth ministries from the region are promoted to, plus all Christian school groups that can be found, inviting entries to the competition while promoting invitations the evening concert of the winners.


To define it specifically…

Goal 1: Encourage youth to use creative and cultural arts to communicate positive Christian messages in in their schools and community 

Goal 2: To concurrently motivate and equip them to engage spiritual conversations  with friends and in schools also

  • This could be done through short (3 to 4 minute) thoughts shared between the daytime auditions while the stage is being set up for the next item. Effective communication doesn’t need long messages. (Youth leaders can MODEL the skills of creative communication through these short motivational trainings!)

Goal 3: While providing an awesome evening concert that can serve as a combined outreach event (at which the category winners ‘perform’ – with testimony included, and then a clear yet simple message about God’s love and his invitation for us to  know and follow him).


Competition categories could include:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Spoken word
  • 5 minute gospel preaching (for public environment)
  • Cultural performance
  • Original song
  • Band item
  • Artwork (painting / drawing / computer graphic)

Events could be further lifted (and achieve their wider catalytic purpose) through inclusion of

  • Videos of notable winning items from other provinces who are doing the same
  • Visiting performances by notable groups from other provinces competitions
  • Testimonies of youth who have come to faith
  • Testimonies of things youth have done as witnesses in their schools
  • Godtalk team members coming as guest speakers (e.g. Raki Wiringi or Dave Mann – or various others they know throughout the nation who are connected with this) to help with the creative training, motivation or gospel preaching where desired


  • Nothing is in this programme doesn’t fit that definition!

And to note it – there is a clear distinctive here

While there are other groups that travel and offer to ‘perform’ in regional combined-youth group events, the goal here is (1) youth as the main ones on the stage (not the guests), and also (2) bringing  Christian messages in a way that is suitable for a non-church audience (not church / Christian audiences).


We think this could be seriously catalytic. What do you think?

Are you keen to try to get this happening?

  • Let us know your thoughts, and we’ll support in whatever ways we can!
  • Email: raki@godtalk.nz