NEW: ‘Why Christians believe Christianity to be true’

About two-thirds of all young adults in our churches leave in the 18- 22-year-old age bracket. This has been true for 30 years too – and this tragic reality is one of the things that catalysed this new resource from the Shining Lights Trust – made free for you!

There are three key reasons young adults leaves:

  • A lack of EXPERIENCE (of God) sufficient to convince them the faith is true
  • A lack of REASONS for believing the faith to be true – when facing the scepticism and temptations of our culture
  • A lack of SUPPORT when going through transition times – like moving to a new city for studies or an apprenticeship.

With a national view, the ‘REASONS” cause is one we could all address – and that is what this series is about!


The resource

With  7 videos at 15mins each, you play it to your youth – then use the discussion guides. All free online!

If they are 15 years old or more, add the booklets – which are free online as pdfs, or buy them via the ‘’ website.

  • Give each booklet a week prior – to be read
  • Then when you meet show the video, discuss the content with reference to both the video and booklets
  • Then give them the next booklet!
  • By week #6 they own the full set of 7 booklets, with its box – as an ongoing resource they can refer to, and which they are familiar with! 

It’s that simple!


A gift idea with value

Want to give something meaningful to your youth – that might encourage them to be sincere and believing and persevering in their faith?

This might sound like a bit of a ‘sales pitch’ – but if you are going to use the series, why not put the hardcopy booklets in their hands as a gift?

  • Bulk purchase options exist because having these in the hands of older youth and young adults is a goal – as another step in lessening the loss of young adults from our churches.
    • And as a result this isn’t expensive!
  • ‘Sponsor’ option: If a church member donated to the church to enable this, they’d get a 33% tax rebate too (E.g. a $18 per set price bulk purchase cost, after tax rebate, is only $12!)

Where can you find a gift idea for church youth and young adults that is as meaningful as this, as cheaply?


The content

The content is thoroughly researched – and then simplified and shortened to be ridiculously short, compared to what is included.

It also takes your from ‘beginning to end’ – in terms of answering the question, Why do Christians believe Christianity to be true?


To reiterate why it’s important

Beliefs do lead to behaviour. When people of any age have questions about the faith that aren’t getting answered – those questions become doubts – which then become the reason they later leave the faith!

Please now go and put this resource to use.

  • It’s 7 videos / booklets / discussion guides long.
  • There is a 2min promo video at the top of the website.

Find it all now – free online –  at