A friend recently counted how many High School students there are in our local Tauranga / Western Bay of Plenty Colleges. I was surprised!

  • Katikati College – 789
  • Te Puke College – 829
  • Aquinas College – 746
  • Bethlehem College – 1878
  • Mount College – 1721
  • Papamoa College – 1623
  • Tauranga Boys College – 2059
  • Tauranga Girls College – 1363
  • Otumoetai College – 1813
  • Te Whare Kura o Mauao – 261

Total Population = 13,082 High School students!

My estimate is 5% attending a youth group:

  • That would be about 550 in Tauranga, and maybe 50 in each of Katikati and Te Puke.
  • (It might be less – while I pray it is more!)

For a comparison, our 2016 interviews with pastors across NZ confirmed 15% (or more) attended a youth group 25 years ago.

The point?
  • MOST youth are not hearing about the idea of a Creator God – who loves us – and who gives hope! 
  • If we do not engage in our schools, important bridges that catalyse important conversations won’t exist!


For senior leaders / adults

  • We (the Church) are paying a HUGE PRICE for the lack of funding, and related lack of initiative, being taken at the NATIONAL LEVEL (then feeding into the regional level, with a clear plan) in support of Christian youth ministry.

For some equipping re facilitating school groups


Do you know of anyone doing something amazing with Christian school groups?

  • We’d LOVE to hear (and even to give you/them a platform!)