(Shared with permission from a ‘Evangelism Network’ update in Christchurch, as written by Nic)

Jesus Club at Cashmere High School

Jesus Club was a group that was started in 2019 by my friends and I at Cashmere High School. We started it as a place where people can come to and hear a short message which would answer the questions they have about Christianity.

Since then, it has been growing in attendance and in the amount of interest and response. Two years after we have started it, we have between 40-90 people showing up every week on a Thursday lunchtime to hear the answers to their questions. At the end of every Jesus Club, I share a simple gospel message, going through the law to let it convict people of their sin, and then letting them know of the good news of Jesus dying for them.

We have been greatly supported by various churches, and some teachers at school which has been an incredible help.

Every week I get new questions from people, and conversations are happening inside and outside of the club.

Because of this club, and more conversations outside of it, there have been people that are saved from eternity in hell, and are Christians today.

Nic Blackie – blackienic1@gmail.com

Cashmere High School