Erika is passionate for youth finding Jesus – because he’s the best source of hope there is.  As someone involved in youth leadership the previous 10 years, she’s also thoroughly convinced that youth reaching youth is the way to go too.
The challenge, she says, is training them. How could we get that happening, and make that easy, right across a nation?
This explains why she was so excited when she discovered the Godtalk vision and support resource. As someone who’s been active in youth ministry, she saw something that could achieve a unique goal.
Anyway – with a change of circumstances (their family moved city) she’s ready for something new – and supporting Godtalk is it! She’s going to be sorting out admin and communications stuff – so Raki can focus on connecting with people.
You can freely be in touch with her on 021 045 9751.
By the way, she’s married to Karl, and together they have five children aged 21 down to 10.
Welcome to the team Erika!