With some real expectation, we’re excited to introduce Raki Wiringi to you.

Married to Karen, with 4 children (and even a couple of grandchildren), he’s enthusiastic, and even a bit loud sometimes. He’s certainly passionate – and couldn’t be older than 30 could he?

Raki has years of youth work behind him – and work as a pastor. He’s worked in the church environment, but also the school environment. Raki has ¬†written educational programmes that the Ministry of Education has endorsed, that have been used in schools. He’s a man of many talents – and a big heart!

Raki also has a powerful testimony. We’ll share this (via video) with you all early next year – but for now:

1. Helping you grow your youth ministry more

Our team met this week to plan for next year. This is the first of Raki’s goals. Godtalk is here to help outreach training happen annually in every youth ministry – as well as to see youth encouraged to get school groups started. It’s all about helping youth and youth ministries connecting with new youth. Raki is motivated to help youth ministries achieve this – utilising the Godtalk resources and massive network of youth ministries to see things go to another level in many cities and towns (and schools).

2. Seeing Godtalk Talent Quests started all over NZ

But Raki is also motivated to see these talent quests started – because this single annual event might serve to motivate many to apply what this is all about (see the homepage).

(We have Godtalk Regional Reps – and achieving this programme could, in one Saturday, help them achieve their key goals as our reps for the entire year!)

Drop Raki a note at team@godtalk.nz – or say hi by replying an update sometime.

Update Jul, 2019: Check out a video of Raki’s testimony at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTuoYdx0A2A&feature=youtu.be